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Quality of Work, starts with Quality of Working Together.

Potentially delivers powerful talent insight enabling you to build better teams

Better Matched Teams through Valuable Talent Insight and Work Psychology

Next Generation Talent Management Tools

“Talent Science, Beautifully Communicated”

Potentially tools use intelligent psychometrics analysis and smart technology packaged in an incredibly intuitive and visual platform to enable HR and internal managers to quickly profile, assess & analyse talent pre- and post-hire.


Start with the Individual

Each employee completes our High Quality Personality Analytics that identifies individual capabilties, behavioural styles and potential.


Team Dynamics Visualised

Get a helicopter view of your teams, identify blockers and draw on actionable, dynamic recommendations to boost effectiveness.

Easily see how the team dynamic and balance of capabilities change with each additional individual.


Develop Talent & Build Better Teams

Use our best practice feedback tools, personality assessment and development tools to more effectively manage, develop & enhance individual talent and teams.


Ingenious Team Builder

Whether you want to put a new team together or mix up existing teams - Let technology help you make better informed decisions.


Dynamic questionnaire and proprietary analytics with a powerful predictive team builder.

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Our Customers

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