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About Potentially

Potentially is the new cutting edge personality questionnaire that helps you identify your individual strengths and blind spots, and suggests ways to unlock your potential. Transform your self understanding in 10 min. Knowing why you see things your way, why you decide things your way, and why you relate to other people in the way you do will make you better at all of these things. Be the best you can be with Potentially!

Made with Love in London

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The Questionnaire

Carefully crafted, Dynamic and Scientific

Tested for accuracy and usability, our carefully designed questionnaire helps us understand your core personality traits and preferences. We aim for the perfect balance of being short and engaging, but having enough questions to make the results meaningful. The new standard for high quality, popular psychometrics.

The Report

A visual tour of your Personality

At the heart of your report is your “Radial” a visual representation of your personality. Take a guided tour of your personality, get a detailed breakdown of over 20 personality traits, as well as suggestions how to improve personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

The Science

Psychology meets Technology

Potentially has been developed with data from over 6,500 users and draws on the latest insights from personality and occupational psychology. We build on Big5 and Jungian theories. And we don’t stop… we continue improving the accuracy and reliability of our questionnaire constantly.